We appreciate all people’s equality and the right to redound about the decisions that affect them. Everyone has the freedom to speak out their meaning, to be accepted by others and live the life that they have chosen. A young person has the right to see all chances and possibilites for him or her. And as the society does not present the opportunities to young people, we try to be examples for them, introducing an alternative drug-free lifestyle. We use our personal freedom, to say what we think in questions important for us and spend time with things we love to do like theatre, cinema, style parties, game evenings, trainings, etc.

All people are equal, it is not important which culture or nation they are from, and they have their own view about human rights and personal freedom. Communicating with other cultures makes a person more tolerant and open-minded and helps him/her to see the world as an entirety. We believe, that listening to each other and cooperating internationally is an important step forward in human development. Juvente Estonia is not alone: Active (Sobriety, Friendship and Peace) consolidates thousands of people with the same beliefs like we. That gives us the will and thoughness to carry on, as well the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with our friends from all over Europe.

We are against using addictive drugs, because they limit the development of the personality and through that the development of the democracy. We see abstinence as a solution to social problems, which come with drugs, and we think, that being sober and drugfree is one of the most important assumptions to guarantee personal freedom. We do not think, that just prohibiting alcohol would solve all the problems – youth should come to the idea itself, that life is full of value and pleasuring without addictive drugs.

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